This year we have a very special highlight to offer you.

Andean Paqo and Shaman Pedro Armando Salas Atasi from Cusco Peru, will come to Germany in June 2020 and hold the seminar ‘The Great Despacho Initiation’ here in the near of Munich as part of our joint seminar series ‘Seminars to increase your Shamanic Wisdom’.

The Great Despacho Initation
with Family-Karma-Cleansing

At first sight a Despacho is a creatively designed mandala made of natural materials, which is created as thanks to the spirits and to Mother Earth. But on closer viewing we realize that a Despacho follows an orderly structure and is focused on a clear goal: it can be a prayer to fulfill a heart’s desire or a thank you for the gifts life has in store for us. The Despacho is the core of shamanic healing work and ‘The Andean Spirituality of the Paqos’ training.
Seminar contents: Pedro will talk about the spiritual wisdom of the Peruvian shamanic ancestors as well as the spiritual wisdom of the Inca civilization and will show us the different healing methods of the Peruvian Paqos (Paqo Qechua word for shaman). He will give you an extensive initiation into the making of Despachos and teach you the most important terms for the invocations in Quechua (English and German). We will talk about the different forms of Despacho and for which concerns a Despacho can be created. Pedro will show you in detail which components a Despacho is traditionally made of, but we will also work out together which elements we can use for our Despachos here in Germany. Of course you will also work practically in the seminar and design your first Despachos yourself. Furthermore, the ceremonies performed in the seminar will trigger intensive purification processes to dissolve family karma. Depending on the level of knowledge and development of the individual participants, initiation ceremonies can also take place or an own masa can be created.

Dates: 2 weekends in total 5 days
Friday, 12th June 2020 18:30 bis 21:30
Saturday, 13th June 2020 9:00 bis 18:00 90 minutes break
Sunday, 14th June 2020 9:00 bis 18:00 90 minutes break
Friday, 26th June 2020 18:30 bis 21:30
Saturday, 27th June 2020 9:00 bis 18:00 90 minutes break
Sunday, 28th June 2020 9:00 bis 18:00 90 minutes break

Location: Wolf-Ferrari-Haus, Ottobrunn, Room 140
Language: English (german translation)
Seminar fee per participant:
550 € for early bookings until 30th April 2020,
680 € for bookings from 1th May 2020

Costs for overnight stay, food & drinks are not included.

Tickets are now available