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About Andrea: Even as a child, Andrea was noticed for her strong sensitivity. She loved to spend time in nature, in the woods and meadows of her home town. There she could spend hours with daisies and dandelions and her second home was under a weeping willow whose branches reached down to the ground. During the cold season she painted the flower of life for hours without ever having heard of it before. After a commercial education and a completed architecture study three children came into her life and with them shamanic healing methods of different cultures. Their path lead via North American Shamanism, Asian Feng Shui and Taoist Geomancy to the Paqos in Peru. There she finally feels at home. Andrea lives near Munich / Germany.

Über Pedro: Pedro grew up with shamanism. At the age of seven he started working with his mother, a priestess in the ministry of Pachamama, and other healers from his community. He is an expert in Despacho ceremonies, ceremonies for Yachay, Munay and Llancay (wisdom, love and work), Ayahuasca ceremonies, stone healings, as well as Flowering Shower with flowers and natural plant essences to protect your body and soul and other types of healing sessions. As owner of Pasa-Tous he has been conducting group tours for 25 years. He started his journey as a guide on the Inca Trail, but in the last ten years he has been returning more and more to his shamanic roots and combines his shamanic work with spiritual journeys in his native Peru. Today Pedro lives in Cusco / Peru.

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