I keep thinking about Peru!

I keep thinking about Peru!

A refektion: Again and again I hear these words from my first trip to Peru: ‘Know your destination, but only see the next step’. Every day is a new challenge: Internet presence, Facebook, Instagram, business cards, flyers, booking rooms, setting links… sometimes my head is spinning, I feel like I have to do everything at once, can’t find any peace and want to be much further than I am. Then I’m glad when these words reappear, then I’m glad that Pedro reminds me to clean myself with flower water, and then I’m glad that I own a mesa that brings me to rest.

There are a lot of well-intentioned advice from outside and a lot of help and know how. Some information I can just gratefully accept, but some information stresses me and I feel pressured. Then the words of my second trip to Peru reappear: ‘Find your own way.’, then I sort myself out again, look right and left and then it reveals itself, my way, the way I can live it, how I can master my way.

I am grateful for every input, even if it sometimes hurts when I can’t get ahead at one point or another. Then it is time to stop for a moment and take a deep breath and wait, to become aware of Mother Earth under both feet and connect to the big picture. Then the perspective changes, then the viewpoint changes, the heart is lovingly energized and the own path opens up all by itself.

It feels great when the flyers, which we have designed with a lot of love and the help of the Spririts, are on their way to the print shop and the coming days are almost unbearable. But when I finally hold the box in my hands, I am full of joy and curiosity at the same time. Wow, how beautiful they have become, just great.

Immideatly I start designing our business cards. What should they look like? We send the data back and forth, new ideas emerge. They look good, but I feel that something is still missing, again it means  to stop and wait and sleep on it. But then, all of a sudden, guided by an invisible force, it’s clear, the Andean cross as a plus sign in the middle, different font sizes in one block, balance and individuality come up. Yes, that too, is a gift from heaven.

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