Gifts of Heaven 2

Gifts of Heaven 2

We had booked a spiritual journey. I don’t know exactly what I had in mind. I just wanted to go to Cusco and see the holy places of the Peruvian shamans. I wanted to stroll around the market with the many colorful cloths.

To be honest, I did not have too high expectations of this trip. Maybe that’s why I was even more surprised when the trip revealed itself as a spiritual training.

We had lessons every day and visited the holy places around Cusco. We held our ceremonies in places where the ancestors of our teacher had already been initiated. What an honor.

And yes, I was struggling with my poor condition. And yes, I didn’t cope well with the altitude either. But exactly these facts became my greatest teacher. This trip was all about “You know the way, but only look at the next step.” I realized how badly I can accept help and how much pressure I often put myself under. On this journey I have learned to be loving with myself and others and I am infinitely grateful for that. This journey became another initiation journey in my life. I was richly endowed, very richly endowed. On this journey I got to know Pedro in Patchatusan, with whom I begin to live my dreams and visions. Together we will start this year our seminars in Germany and journeys to Peru. But it took some time before we realized this.

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