Gifts of Heaven 3

Gifts of Heaven 3

When Pedro asked me if I wanted to come back to Peru in November, I didn’t have to think about it. A clear and distinct YES came over my lips. Time flew by. Quickly I was back on the plane to Lima. A trip along the coast to the south, across the Andes to Lake Titicaca and once again to Cusco, the city of my dreams. How would I experience this journey? What knowledge would this journey bring me? Full of trust I gave myself to the plans of my companion. We spent a day in Lima, then we went on via the Panamericana along the Pacific to the Isla Ballestas and the Paracas Resort. Never before have I felt so close to nature, never before have I perceived the dimensions of Mother Earth as strongly as in this place. Out of sheer happiness tears came to my eyes.

In this short moment on the cliffs at the Pacific Ocean my attitude towards life has simply changed fundamentally. At that moment it was clear to me how small I actually am when viewed in the big picture.

Our journey continued. We drove via Ica to Nasca, to the Nazca Lines. Pedro wanted to climb up a lookout tower with me to show me a small part of these mysterious lines. But that was not enough for me. Somewhere I had read that there are sightseeing flights offered over the Nazcalines and this thought did not let me go… It was a dream… indescribably beautiful, indescribably close…

We had breakfast on the street, got our lunch at the market and for dinner we looked for a Peruvian pub. Everything is so carefree and simple. We visited Colca Canyon and the hot springs in Chivay and finally ended up in a fantastic hotel in Puno at Lake Titicaca. I love Lake Titicaca and I love visiting our host family on Amantanie, I love all the ceremonies we did on this trip, all the places we saw and I love Cusco. Cusco has become a second home for me on this trip. I love the markets, the alleys, the sacred valley, Taxi Collectivo and guinea pigs, as well as the small shops where you can buy everything for shamanic work… I love the way of living there and I am full of gratitude for every moment I experience in Peru. And I love the moments of realization: Once again we found ourselves at one of these endless temples and shrines near Cusco.

Once again the path led us down a slope, which is simply exhausting for me, with my aching knees. It was a very powerful place, with strong rainbow-colored energies. I was supposed to climb a steep rock, Pedro showed me an easy way up. But my knees just weren’t strong enough, again tears came to my eyes, once again there was this desperation and this anger in me that wanted me to believe that I was incapable and couldn’t make it. Although Pedro lovingly reached out his hand to me, I was not able to climb this rock.
But this time I was able to lovingly let go of the despair, let go of the doubts and admit to myself that only this way is just not possible for me. In this moment, when I let go of my feeling of hopelessness, I could see my own way, effortlessly and without help I could climb the rock with only a few steps. So ‘finding your own way’ became the motto of my second trip to Peru.

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